Garuda Tool for Stubborn Muscle Knots

For generations, Asian families have used an artisanal tool to help improve blood flow circulation, reduce muscular inflammation, and promote healing. 

We research into this tool and think of ways to enhance its effectiveness in addressing muscular knots and deactivating myosfascial trigger points. 

The result is our cornerstone product, Garuda Trigger Point Tool. A 100% natural solution, combining long-held Asian therapeutic wisdom and latest Western research into the muscular pain.

Product Demo Video

Watch the Garuda Tool video tutorial for a complete product demo.

As you watch, do take note of fine red dot marks that can be seen after some rubbing. The appearance of red dot marks is the unique character of using Garuda Tool. The marks will appear in areas where muscular knots are present and gradually released.

Garuda Tool is designed to be non demabrasive and does not hurt the skin. The marks will gradually turn bluish-purple over the next few days, almost like a bruise healing process.

How Trigger Point Traditional Therapy Helps You Feel Better So Fast?

A trigger point is a sore and taut area within the muscles. You can feel the pain and tender sensation when you massage the area. Garuda Tool is specially designed to penetrate deep into the muscle fibers and effectively unknot these tight areas. 

Also, to help you identify the spots further, we provide 15 pictorial guides of common pain areas and associated trigger points in Garuda Tool product brochure. 

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Organic Balm for Enhanced Wellness

We recommend to use Garuda Tool in conjunction with our organic balm. 

The balm is infused with high quality Cajuput essential oil. The medicinal oil is derived from twigs and leaves of Cajuput trees, native to Maritime Southeast Asia and hotter parts of Australian continent. Cajuput tree is of the genus Melaleuca and commonly known in the North America as the Tea Tree. 

The Cajuput essential oil has a strong distinctive smell; it has the odor of a mixture of turpentine and camphor. Nevertheless, the health benefit for Cajuput essential oil is well known. It contains high amount of anti-infectious properties, and is an essential ingredient for Asian traditional medications.

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